Power Substation and Transformers

To construct a power substation a number of concrete slabs as splines are available, the narrow one can be used as a concrete path, a wider slab is plain concrete and the lit version has lights that light up at night. These are visible in the first picture.

Suitable containment available as wire fencing and gate splines, can be added to make a secure substation. The basic enclosure is completed with the addition of a spline for the electrical overhead wires distribution system.

This has supports and overhead wires, and is placed so the wires extend over the electrical transformers in the switchyard. It does not actually connect to the transformers, but simulates the intricate wiring necessary. It can be raised to any level and may be bent to a suitable shape.

Eight different transformers can be used to make a believable substation and switch yard, transformers are individually placed. The various ones available are shown in picture 3.

Available Assets



Dam Concrete Slab kuid:60238:38208
Dam Conc Slab Wide1 kuid:60238:38209
Dam Conc Slab Wide Lit kuid2:60238:38210:1
Transformer 1 kuid:60238:27118
Transformer 2 kuid:60238:27119
Transformer 3 kuid:60238:27121
Transformer 4 kuid:60238:27152
Transformer 5 kuid:60238:27130
Transformer 6 kuid:60238:27131
Transformer 7 kuid:60238:27135
Transformer 8 kuid:60238:27142
Wire Fence kuid:60238:38211
Wire Gates kuid:60238:38212
Dam Electrical Mesh kuid2:60238:38205:2