The refinery produces diesel, AvGas and LNG for loading to rail tank cars. The AvGas and LNG is loaded at two separate points on the one track closest to the refinery, picture one. The stopping point locations are signed in the refinery model. The refinery uses an animated pipe function to connect to my tank cars.

Diesel is loaded on the track further from the refinery, to the right of the tank cars shown in picture two above.

The LNG uses a special three axle bogey tabk car, the CELX model is shown in picture three.

Available Assets



Rail Cars

Oil Tanker CORX 60 Ft kuid2:60238:15060:1
Oil Tanker CORX2 60 Ft kuid2:60238:15061:1
Oil Tanker Consolidated Oil 60 Ft kuid2:60238:15059:1
Oil Tanker UTLX 60 Ft kuid2:60238:15062:1
Oil Tanker UP 60 Ft kuid2:60238:15058:1
LNG Tanker CELX 60 Ft kuid2:60238:15066:1
GATX Tanker 40 Ft 3 Dome kuid2:60238:15071:1
UTLX Tank Car 40 Ft 3 Dome kuid2:60238:15072:1


Oil Tanker Global Challenger kuid:60238:26149
Oil Tanker Amanda Stewart kuid2:60238:9518:3
Oil Tanker Global Oil kuid2:60238:9044:3
LNG Tanker Artic Princess kuid2:60238:9519:2
Tugboat James Hart kuid2:60238:9045:1


Oil Rig kuid2:60238:26212:2
Oil and LNG Loader kuid2:60238:26211:1
Oil Refinery LNG kuid2:60238:26228:1
Heliport Seabase kuid2:60238:26213:1


Kawasaki BK-147 Helicopter NZ Rescue Startup kuid2:60238:9702:1
Bell 412EP Helicopter Startup kuid2:60238:9719:1