River Navigation Buoys
Speed Control

Coloured invisible track is available in red, green, blue and purple, it is visible in Surveyor and the Minimap, but invisible in Driver.

The City Cat ferries have a maximum speed of 26 knots (48 kph) on the Brisbane River. Speed signs are modelled as buoys, to control speeds in Trainz, and are for 6 knots and 26 knots. The buoys are animated to simulate rocking in a ship wake, and have flashing lights, available in red and green.

There are additional navigation buoys, in normal navigation, the red buoy is used to the left of the ship when leaving a harbour and the green will be on the left when entering a harbour.

The default red and green arrow track switches can be replaced by a switch buoy, to operate track points or switches.  They attach to the invisible track placed 3 metres above the water level and are offset 7 metres from the track, red to the left, green to the right.

Available Assets



Navigation Buoy Red kuid2:60238:26121:1
Navigation Buoy Green kuid2:60238:26122:1
Switch Lever Ships 4 Offset kuid2:60238:24006:1
Navigation Buoy Speed 6km Red kuid2:60238:230022:1
Navigation Buoy Speed 6km Green kuid2:60238:230023:1
Navigation Buoy Speed 26km Red kuid2:60238:230024:1
Navigation Buoy Speed 26km Green kuid2:60238:230025:1
Track Blue Invisible in Driver kuid2:60238:37037:1
Track Green Invisible in Driver kuid2:60238:37038:1
Track Red Invisible in Driver kuid2:60238:37039:1
Track Purple Invisible Driver kuid2:171456:37300:1