Whaleback Ore Carriers

This is a ship known as Whaleback Ore Carrier, the Frank Rockefeller, 106 metres long, 14.6 metres beam, the original ship was built in 1896, and later renamed Meteor. The name comes from the unusual deck shape for a ship.

It is designed to be used with the ore dock – the hatch spacing matches the dock chutes. The ship loads ore or coal from the Ore Dock Large Loader model and discharges or loads at the Hulett Ore Unloader or the Ore Conveyor gantry Loader.

The vessel opens and closes the hatches for loading, emits funnel smoke, and dust from the ore hatches when loading. It settles lower in the water as it is loaded.

There are three Whaleback ore carriers available, this is the John Ericsson and a Generic version of the model. They will operate with the ore dock loaders.

To complete a scene, parts of a whaleback as hulks being stripped are available as static models.

Available Assets



Ore Carrier Frank Rockefeller kuid2:60238:9703:1
Ore Carrier John Ericsson kuid2:60238:9699:1
Ore Carrier Whaleback Generic kuid2:60238:9704:1
Whaleback Hulk kuid2:60238:26310:1
Whaleback Hulk 2 kuid2:60238:26311:1